The Rockefeller University is a special place

Just ask the 2,000 faculty, students, postdocs, technicians, clinicians and administrative personnel who work on the university's 14-acre campus. They are all part of a team that contributes to and supports the university's unique approach to science, which has produced pioneering discoveries in biology and medicine. Numerous prestigious award-winning scientists have been associated with Rockefeller, including 24 Nobel Prize winners.

An atmosphere of intellectual and cultural stimulation

The university, located in the cultural haven of New York City, cultivates its own rich and stimulating environment for the intellectually curious. A robust events program, open to all employees, attracts many of the world's foremost scientists, cultural innovators and thought leaders. We strive to attract and retain the brightest and most creative and dedicated individuals who can contribute to and enhance the university's reputation for doing world-class science.

A unique working environment

Employees at all levels receive competitive salaries, excellent benefits and perks, and the tools they need to excel. This strong support fosters a culture with extremely dedicated and satisfied employees, many of whom have long-term associations with the university.

Working at Rockefeller